(as per my diplomas) psychologist, psychotherapist, coach, trainer, engineer, cellist
(as per my soul) mother, psychotherapist, coach, trainer, consultant, singer

I like music, dancing, people, pure, unmodelled children, the present, meaningful answers. And chocolate.
I believe that humans may accomplish almost anything they want, live better and are healthier as long as they are aware of themselves and use their awareness with humbleness. And when really looking for better, one will find the necessary resources, be them time, money, states, people.
Lucia Popescu
tel: (+40) 0723 576 404
email: lucia.popescu@gmail.com
Skype: lucia.popescu

I enjoy…

  • understanding and experimenting the direct relationship between (self)knowledge and success.
  • being mother and continuing to develop also outside motherhood.
  • studying and woking what I love and helps both myself and the others.
  • awareness of the absolute relationship between better and acceptance.

Few figures, for the realists:

  • 27 years of work
  • 17 years as a practitioner in the human resources (department) -learning and development, evaluation, recruiting, talent management
  • 10 years of HR consulting experience
  • 9 years coaching and psychotherapy experience

My mission:

To contribute to humankind natural progress - concretly, supporting people find their own path to better in life, career, health.

I am passionate about people development

I’ve also been a confused graduate, an uninvolved employee though a ‘good enough’ specialist, until I started to do what I truly loved.

During all this time, I understood that health and wealth come when we find our meaningful and significant paths.

What my clients say

Before working with Lucia I was feeling very demotivated at workplace... not in the mood to do anything to leave the indifferent state... I was feeling comfortable with what I was doing... but I was doing nothing to progress and felt indifferent. I used to let things go, to superficially work… the quicker the better without paying attention to details. This was jeopardising my job... Obviously, this attitude was extending to my personal life. However, I talked to Lucia mainly about the job and, after a session with her, I felt extremely motivated and energetic... so willing to go to work and have that day's To Do List. In the same time, I had a positive and optimistic attitude in my life, didn't see my life so empty and senseless for not having a partner at that time. All that mattered was to go to work and take care of my job… do something to get out of the shadow cone I had entered at workplace… to get out of the indifference I was tackling any work task. And this started with a to do list I was supposed to make the next day at work. Thank you, Lucia!!!! 

34, Contract Manager
Before working with Lucia, I was very confused, didn't know how to obtain what I wanted, I was afraid of many negative emotions and past events and this made me extremely insecure.
Ever since we've started coaching sessions, the most important thing Lucia helped me achieve was the courage to face everything that was bothering, annoying, unsettling me, be it older or recent and which, in fact, prevented me from living at peace with myself and those around me.
Add to these the exercises we made together and afterwards by myself in various situations, the special attention she was listening to mea and, last but not least, her refined and welcome humour anytime I was beginning to dramatise.
Therefore, Lucia helped me to grow emotionally and to obtain what I most wanted: to feel good, to be happy with myself and to easily adapt to various everyday events.
Thank you, Lucia.
41, Marketing Specialist

Qualifications and Personal Development

My development was a continuous process ever since I remember, however formally and conscientiously started when I began to study Psychology. And I haven't stopped, since then :) going through stages that naturally reflect the need for self-understanding and self-development.
  • Absolutely necessary, the state of presence is a must practice for every person looking for self-knowledge and personal balance. It is a conscientious exercise I've been practising for the past ten years, that I work with all my clients that want to become aware of their potential and to use it appropriately.
  • 4-year personal analysis with a psychoanalyst recognised by International Psychoanalysis Association.
  • In the same time, I attended NLP Coaching, Mediation & Psychotherapy courses with NLPt Austrian Training Center and MindMaster and I am currently Professional Coach (Blue level) and Neurolinguistic Psychotherapist under supervision.
  • I attended short-term trainings with long-term impact, aimed at improved physical and mental state, like EMDR și Dynamic Spin Release.
  • I have funded al these developmental steps working in Human Resources on various jobs – Trainer, HR Director, Consultant, Coach, as well as Translator (Nemira, Teora Publishing Houses) and Interpreter in official delegations (E.U./W.B.).
  • I understood many things about group dynamics, people motivation, management and leadership while member of the vocal group SONG and, subsequently, manager of a smaller vocal group
  • The first chronologically and, therefore, the last on my academic background, is The Technical University of Bucharest, where I graduated from the Faculty of Hydrotechnics. Before having people development as my permanent occupation, I worked as a Technician for 6 years and 3 years as an Engineer and I realised that studying and working in the engineering field strongly enhances brain and information organisation.

Organisations I’m a member of:

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) of Great Britain, the largest European HR body, supporting and developing responsibles with people management and development within organisations.

Federation of European (EuCF) coaches trained at the highest level, offering a European framework to ensure quality in coaching and training

Asociația Română NLP Professional
Romanian Association of NLP Professional, (ANLPP), promoting NLP in Romania, ensuring that NLP respects the high standards set in Europe and USA.

Association for the Development of Montessori Education in Romania (ADEMR)

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