Use them to develop, balance and know yourself better.

Blogger? Writer to be? Interested by words? You’re in the right place!
I created this page to remind you about
writing as a method of self-development and self-awareness supported by a guide.

Inside each of us there’s a need to express, to liberate oneself.
Some draw. Some dance. Some sing. Others write.
Maybe you read these lines because it’s been a while since you’ve wanted to write.
How can you do this now?
Ask me. Write to me, if you like. Or call.

This method does not imply
- a reading club
- favourable or unfavourable appreciations on the clients’ writing

This method does imply
- a faster way to reach self-awareness and balance through writing
- learning writing structures for a natural expression aiming at personal development
- understanding the relationship between writing and subjective experience

I like words. And their plays.
So much that I use them every time I have the chance.
They are my friendly thoughts that fly and always come back to me.
They clarify the moments when the outside world seems incomprehensible.
They provide states that allow me to be authentic.
But I am the one creating them.

Use the written words to rewrite - the past, the present, the future.
Use the written words to leave on the paper any thought disturbing your peace.
Use the written words to know and understand yourself better, and to be a better being.
Use the written words to rewrite unwanted pasts and thus finding resources for your present and future.
Use the written words to release tension from sadness, and thus becoming healthier.
Use the written words to maintain natural, human, kind relationships.

  • You are what you put into words about yourself.

  • You reach where you believe you can.

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