Depends where you stay when looking for answers…

Do you sit on a chair, in front of the computer?


You might choose coaching.

Do you sit on the bed, staring for hours?


You might choose psychotherapy.




Coaching is a partnership with the clients in a creative and idea-generating process that inspires them to attain maximum professional and personal potential .”
(ICF - International Coach Federation)
Psychotherapy may be an efficient treatment for emotional and mental problems. But in order to harvest benefits, it is important to choose the right psychotherapist — somebody you trust: who, through one's experience, to be able to support changes for better in life. A good psychotherapist helps become stronger and more self aware. But the psychotherapist cannot do the things in your place. In order to have the best of the therapy sessions, you need to actively participate. […]”


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In Coaching we can work for

  • Defining personal mission and values
  • Professional development - wealthy and fulfilled business and career
  • Self-awareness, self confidence, unblocking potential, increased self-esteem Identifying and building strengths
  • Improving focus
  • Improving relationships with managers, colleagues, friends, family
  • Developing qualities you need in various situations: interviews, job presentations, team management, etc.
  • Eliminating anxieties and phobias - fear of height, of public speaking, of flight etc.
  • Define objectives and priorities at team and/or individual level
  • Communication, organisation, presentation skills, etc.
  • Improving health - leaving behind cigarettes, extra kilos, etc.
  • Identifying career opportunities and defining steps to take
  • and many others

In Psychotherapy we can work for

  • Defining the life style that supports health and positive thinking
  • Identifying personal motivations supporting health and personal purposes
  • Supporting treatments for healing/recovering from diseases like allergies, diabetes, cancer, obesity etc.
  • Eliminating stress, depression states etc.
  • Improving sleep, eliminating insomnias
  • Self-awareness, self confidence, unblocking potential, increased self-esteem
  • Eliminating anxieties and phobias - fear of height, of public speaking, of flight etc.
  • Improved relationships with colleagues, partner, parents, children etc.
  • Quitting smoking, losing weight, etc.
  • and many others

My Clients are

  • people like you and me, who want to know themselves better, who need to talk to a specialist that no only listens but can 'unknot' thoughts using the right questions
  • people wishing to feel better physically, to improve their health - lose weight, leave behind headaches, back pains, allergies, smoking - without resorting to medication
  • people who want to know themselves better in order to successfully manage and use their states and energy, actively contributing to improving their relationships with the ones around - friends, family, colleagues, children.
  • You are what you say about yourself.

  • You reach where you believe you can.

Good health, positive relationships, wealthy business and career – they are all interrelated and contribute to a better and fulfilled life, I'm sure you know that already!
Start your first session and then you choose the continuation.

Tariffs and annulment

All my programs are built according to each situation. All my coaching/therapy sessions have different approaches – short or long term, with or without assessment instruments. All these create a unique framework, just like each of us. Therefore, in order to mention tariff, I need to have more information about the concrete situation.

In the event that you wish to annul a session, please provide a 24-hour prior notice. Otherwise, the missed session shall be charged, as well.
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