It’s like talking to someone you know, a trustworthy person. You talk about your future plans or about things that happened in the past. And you need to talk while the other wants to listen. And when these two needs meet, a strong partnership is created, a trusting relationship that supports mutual learning and transformation. And when the listener asks the right questions, positive results appear faster, you reach gratitude, acceptance and revival sooner, and people around you notice all these and react accordingly.
Lakeside... by Thomas Leuthard, used under CC BY 2.0 / adjusted from original
Lakeside... by Thomas Leuthard, used under CC BY 2.0 / adjusted from original

Hi, I’m Lucia Popescu.

You’ve just read my opinion on coaching and psychotherapy. It is the reason why I created this site as a dialogue space and a trustworthy place where you can learn useful information for you, the one looking for better life, work, relationships, and, more importantly, who needs to be an integer and healthy person.

Do explore and ask, if you want to know more about coaching, about pshychotherapy, about how these methods bring better states. Use my contact page to ask questions or schedule a face-to-face meeting, either on Skype or in my office.

Few words about myself: I am a psychologist specialised in NLP psychotherapy and coaching. I believe our lives are beneficial to ourselves and to the ones around us when we accept and love ourselves and when we holistically construct us with open minds and strong hearts. You can find here more about me, my education and experience.
Both what is around you and what is inside yourself.
Remember you are a COMPLETE, INTEGER HUMAN.
And you will understand that, no matter where you start from, you shall be better.
  • You are what you say about yourself.
  • You reach where you believe you can.
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